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1993 Honda Fourtrax 2x4 Mods

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Hi everyone!

I am new to the forum, I just purchased a mint 1993 Fourtrax and wanted to add some upgrades. For now, I want to add a 2" lift and possibly a new rear Progressive shock. Does anyone have pics of their 93 Fourtrax with a 2" lift that they can share? Additionally, any advice on replacing the rear shock? Is it difficult?

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Here’s my 98 with a 2” lift, not a 93 I know but very similar and gives you a good idea of the end result.
Take into consideration that I have a 1” fender lift as well.


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No nothing at all needs to be moved for a 2” lift. You literally buy the kit and bolt it on.
All my other mods are because I mostly mud ride and will be due to fit large tyres and a Gear reduction in a month or so.
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