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1992 Fourtrax 4WD cannot crank with kickstart, loud solenoid thump when I press start

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I rode my 1992 Fourtrax 300 4WD on Saturday. It had plenty of oil and ran great. I got up Sunday to go for a ride. The starter made a sound like maybe it was not fully engaged. Then it stopped turnning at all.

If I press the start button it makes a loud solenoid-like thump. It does not turn over. I cannot crank the engine with the kick starter.

I have another similar model and the kick start is manageable so I know how hard it should be to kick.

I tried rolling backward with it in R and I tried pulling it forward with it in 5th...thinking the starter was hung in the flywheel. It did not release.

Is inability to kick start and loud solenoid thump but no engine turn over a symptom of a jammed and/or deffective starter?

If yes, in removing the starter are there any big surprises? Can I just pull it off like a car starter and place another one on or am I opening a can of worms (gears that fall off back side, springs or other timing that is hard to recover)?

Thank you for any insight you can offer.
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Thank you for your reply.

I cut apart the oil filter and found quite a bit of metal flake.

I decided I did not have the stomach for another science project today. I took it to the shop.

Evidently, timing chain came off when I shut down Saturday night.

I think my attempt to kick start/free a jam when the electric start failed caused additional damage.

I bet if I would have walked away when the starter failed it would have saved quite a bit.

Timing chain, piston misc other stuff $916 to fix. should of looked me up..i'm in north little rock myself..i could of saved you a bunch of
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