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1991 TRX300FW starting problem

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I posted this a couple of weeks ago. Turn key and only get a click. I read the sticky but it stops short of telling me what to do/look for if the connections, fuses, starter relay, starter and battery are all good. Starter and relay are new, fuses are good (swapped with spares to make sure), and battery measures 13+ volts and 279 CCA. Where do I go from here? Last time I ran it I had to kick start it. I'm too damn old to kick start this thing every time I want to ride! HELP please.
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I will also add, when holding down the start button, with a 12 volt test light on the post of the starter, you should see 12 volts. if you have 12 volts to the starter and its not turning the starter is bound up.

the starter could have clearance and binding up, starter gears broken, could be a faulty new solenoid, bad ground, etc.

just gotta dig deeper.

also, you must have a neutral light on to start.
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