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1991 TRX 300 spark issues.

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I have no spark. I have taken the spark plug out, ground it to the frame and made sure that was the issue. I have replaced the coil, and the CDI box still no spark. I have also checked any fuses I could find. HELP...
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Were the CDI and coil you replaced genuine Honda OEM parts or chinies knockoffs? If either are knockoffs you get to buy them again, this time OEM, along with anything else those chinies parts fried to a crisp.

If they were OEM Honda parts, check the kill switch, it may have gotten dirty or corroded inside. Work it back and forth several times and see if that helps. Check the ignition switch using a multimeter or a test light to check that it is working. Make sure you have a neutral light on... Let us know what you find out.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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