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Hello all, new member here.
Hey I have been following these forums for a while and figured this would be the place to ask about what main jet/ pilot jet i should start with. Mod list below

1991 honda trx250x

80mm big bore cylinder
JE piston (11.5:1 compression)
Hot cam
port and polished head
New valves with three angle valve job
Kibblewhite valve spring kit (springs/retainers)
decked head and jug mating surfaces
400ex carb
k&n air filter
custom header pipe stepped up twice to an FMF muffler (ive had the muffler since i was a teenager lol)

It has some other new items like new rocker arms and shafts, rebuilt crankshaft with new main bearings and connecting rod, new oil pump, HD clutch kit, etc.
I was hoping you could shed some light on the jetting as its a new bigger carb and alot of mods at once. For reference before I did this I had the port and polished head, custom exhaust and k&N air filter. Using the 250 carb I ended up with a main jet of 130 and 40 pilot. Let me know if you all have any suggestions. Thanks.
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