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1991 Honda TRX 250X

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Hey everybody, Killerkite here; I have a 1991 Honda TRX250X, she's a jewel and have owned her since new. Very well maintained. Recently I have been experiencing a problem when she shuts off. Have to wait a few minutes before she will crank again. Now nothing. No fire to the plug. Have been following the threads about bypassing the reverse but the wires from under the brake lever are white, not grey. I am in the process of trouble shooting but to no avail. Have new CDI and Coil (aftermarket), still nothing. Ohms reading reports no open lines, and when you kick her over the lights will flare but because no fire and no start, it is just that, a momentary flare. The reverse light is flaring up too. Is the reverse light supposed to flare when starting? It is physically out of reverse, the RUN switch is on and the KEY is on. She is a primary kick and has no battery. Any thoughts?
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