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So I'm starting a thread to document what all I've done to my blue 1991 honda trx300 4x4.

I use it to hunt and to run trails at the local off road park. I had an 86 kawasaki bayou 300 2wd and well....I needed 4x4. Sold the kawasaki then a few days later, this popped up and I snatched it up.

It ran, but the headlight harness was cut, needed tires, plastics were junk, needed a carb rebuild, fluids changed, oil temp light was always on, and other minor issues.

I got it, cleaned the carb up and it ran fantastic...especially after I put an air filter on it.

Picked up a cheap harbor freight winch and synthetic line. Cut a winch plate out and bolted it up using u bolts. Hasn't failed me yet.

Swapped out the front axle shafts.

Added stick stoppers...that i had to grind off a bit to work.

Painted the wheels black and got some bear claws. I've had bear claws on every atv I've ever had...and I absolutely love them.

Plastics had a weird white oxidation crap on it. To fix that...I used my heat gun all over it to show only the blue.

Swapped the oil temp sensor...still have the oil temp light on. Ugh.

Just swapped out the rear shock with a bronco one from eBay

Fixed the headlight wiring. Added a handlebar mounted 9" led light bar. Wired it up to my high beams...and boy is it bright!

Took it out to the local off road park and it did absolutely fantastic. First gear climbing these monster hills...I am so impressed with it. Messed up the rear brakes and didn't have front brakes. I just fixed all of those. So now I have brakes!!

Plans for now are keep swapping out parts and ride the crap out of it.

I need to see how it'll do with a deer on the back.

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Good job on your work, and a plus on fixing that plastic with a heat gun! NICE.
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