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1990 fourtrax 300 4x4 questions

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I just picked up a 1990 fourtrax 300 4x4 that except for dried out fenders and wasted front wheel bearings is in great shape.
I have been riding wheelers since I was 3 (ATC70 woot!) and fixing them since I started breaking them which must have been when I was about 3 1/2 .. :smile:
I have some Honda specific questions though, sorry if these have already been asked before;

I have guessed that mine is a "TRX300 FW A" FW meaning four wheel drive, is this correct? what is the "A" for?

What other years are generally common with the 1990 for parts?

Right now I have 24x9-11 rear tires and 23x8-11 front tires, is there a larger combination that has been run successfully?
What about upgrading to 12" wheels? (since every tire I find on c-list is a 12") What other brand or model is my wheel bolt pattern common with?

Thanks in advance,
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Thanks for the replys,
I did some checking online and ITP part #1228305403B which is supposed to fit the 300FW also fits a seemingly endless list of other brands and models ITP C-Series Type 7 Bead Lock Polished Wheel - so at least the bolt pattern is common. Although the problem I'm seeing now is the new wheelers run same diameter tires front and rear which doesn't work for me so all the used/take-off tires I'm finding aren't going to work even if I do swap for 12" rims. :icon_ nono2: I'll have to see what I can find new, shipping is killer up here though.

Some people will actually run the same size tire, front and back, and just air the back tires up fuller to make them taller and make up for the 1 inch difference. I would never do that, though, because I just don't like the idea of that. I guess it would be OK if you just rode in deep mud all the time, but I ride on the road sometimes, in between trails and I was always afraid it would tear up my transfer case or one of my diffs.
Nooo, won't be doing that, this thing will be used around the yard with the ocassional trail ride.

Well, that's annoying, tried to run by my local Honda shop on my lunch break but I forgot they're closed on Monday... darn... I knew that.. no parts for me today.. :blink:

fourtrax is correct mine is 4x4 and the front has to stay smaller than the back
i guess honda changed alot sinse after they made the trx350d foreman..because my tires are the same size..front and back..i'm guessing they done something different with the diff gears.
Your 4-wheeler doesn't have a transfer case, so your tires are the same size. The Fourtrax 300 has a transfer case and runs one inch taller tires in the rear. I don't know why they did it that way, though.
I think it's one of those "everyone is doing it" things, Suzuki took it a bit far with the old king quads.. I think they have like 20" tires on the front and 24"s on the back..

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