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1990 four trax 200

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I'm changing my oil and air filter on my trx 200 and was wondering If I could use the 300 filters on it??? Can't seem to find filters for the 200
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I could be wrong here ?, buttttttttttt...i'm pretty sure the trx200 does not use or have an oil filter ??, they did not start using oil filters until the trx250's, atc250 big reds, and so forth. the trx200's don't have an oil filter, which would explain why you can't find oil filters for it :).
Yes, the 88-2000 TRX300 oil filter is the same part number as your TRX200 takes. You can buy OEM Honda, K&N (KN113) or any other major brand.

Careful, don't accidentally install the new oil filter backwards. I know that sounds silly, but it happens...

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can ya link a drawing on where the oil filter is for a 1990 trx200 ??, almost sure they don't have an oil filter ? or i'm older than I thought !..lmfao.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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