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1989 TRX 350 tie rod

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Is the left tie rod supposed to be dead straight? Mine has a slight bend to it just outboard of the inner end thread. It may have just been hit and bent but I want to be sure before I straighten it. Can't tell by looking at the schematic.

And while I am at it--I am going to replace the steering stem lower bearing. I have the lower bracket removed from the bike and I am stuck on getting the locknut off. There is a special wrench adapter to fit into the daisey fitment. It is N0. 07GMA-HA70200. Does anyone have a work around tool or am I forced to take it in to the Honda shop for that? Thanks
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Got a tool, and it was so amazingly simple that it almost hurt. I was waltzing around Princess Auto this AM when I came across a section of large threaded rods, and a rack full of rod joiners. These things were 1 1/4" six sides nuts, about 3" long with thread in the middle to match the large rods. BUT, they fit perfectly inside the star nut on the lower bracket. I then went to see if a 1/2" drive 1 1/4" socket would fit over the joiner. It did--perfectly and voila, I had my tool. Brought it home and extracted that locknut in about 10 seconds. Geeze I love it when I can make a tool for under 2 bucks.
Sounds like a winner.
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