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the '93 hubs are longer, cuz the '93 axle has longer hub splines, that's why Manny said to get the hubs with it. if I was you ?, I would just buy a new oem axle, and new oem hubs, and be done with it. don't risk buying something that may..or may not last/be good ?. your call, but I know what I would do. and welcome to forums.
I am going to look into this set tomorrow and inspect how it looks. New on eBay is 190USD with 90USD+ for shipping. I'm in Canada so we are talking easy 400CAD. Id like to go new and if tomorrow doesn't pan out I have no choice but to, just didn't want to dish out that much.
Before you splash all that cash, have you considered fitting a complete 350D rear end in place of your stock axle?
If you have a welder and an angle grinder and know how to use them I'm sure it's a mod you would be capable of.
It may work out a lot cheaper for you.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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