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1988 TRX350D project update and tire question...

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I knew if I got them running they would not disappoint. Once I got them both running they continue to run like a Honda. I am still getting parts off of Ebay for the '88 but she still runs great and does a lot of work around my small 5 acres. Damn those plastic pieces are getting $$$. I just can't pull the trigger on $150 side plastics, the ones with the petcock hole, jeez. I have '95 Foreman rims on the '87 and I am getting fond of the extra track width. Should I keep them or just go with the '88 rims and sorry powder coating I did by myself?

Also, the 2001 is getting a drop of oil on the exhaust on the left side and for the life of me I can't find were it is coming from. After running around a bit and it comes to temp, I smell the oil burning off and look down to see a freshly deposited oil drop...? I will post a pic of it later.

I tried a couple methods to upload pictures and none of them appear to be working. If there are half dozen pics then sorry...

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Try to post these pics again...

I have added racks to the '88 and put together the induction system, both with the help of Ebay. I stopped counting the $$ into the '88 at about $1200. It's probably north of $1500 now. I bought it for $175! It still needs tires! I do like riding the '88 more than the '01.


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