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1988 TRX350D project update and tire question...

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I knew if I got them running they would not disappoint. Once I got them both running they continue to run like a Honda. I am still getting parts off of Ebay for the '88 but she still runs great and does a lot of work around my small 5 acres. Damn those plastic pieces are getting $$$. I just can't pull the trigger on $150 side plastics, the ones with the petcock hole, jeez. I have '95 Foreman rims on the '87 and I am getting fond of the extra track width. Should I keep them or just go with the '88 rims and sorry powder coating I did by myself?

Also, the 2001 is getting a drop of oil on the exhaust on the left side and for the life of me I can't find were it is coming from. After running around a bit and it comes to temp, I smell the oil burning off and look down to see a freshly deposited oil drop...? I will post a pic of it later.

I tried a couple methods to upload pictures and none of them appear to be working. If there are half dozen pics then sorry...

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I prefer the stock rims but it's what you prefer. The newer rims have a different offset which results in the rears sticking out; I don't know that it upsets the handling so much but it does throw more goo on you
Oh yeah isn't that the Frankenwheeler you posted awhile back. Those wheels look good! You only have $1200 in it? Great job
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