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update: waiting on my front fender stays, new dash cover, then I get the pleasure of taking the front fender back off to replace the dash. all these parts should ( usps ) is delivering them today ?, then I will tear into that tonight. need to make a run to wally world for some gloss black paint for the front rack and front bumper. I plan on re-painting the fuel tank, but it will be a while before I do that, I ordered new fuel tank decals, and they are on back order from honda. yes..they are OEM decals..not those stupid repo decals that ebay sells ! after some digging and research, I found out this fuel tank decal says its for a 1991 trx300fw , or at least in that year range ?, its not for a 1988 trx300fw for sure !. I carefully matched up the decals, and the 1988 fuel decal is not the same as the decal that is on this tank. one thing I did discover lately: the paint I sprayed on the plastics scratch off very easy !!. it don't hold very well compared to the spray paint I have used in the past ?..oh well..the new owner is going to take it out in the woods anyway on day one during hunting season, so I just know they will scratch the crap out of it its not a collectors item, its not a museum piece, but very close !!!! :).
The original tank for that thing was rough. Had been painted camo and had rust on the inside. That one had decent paint and was clean on the inside so it's the one I sent.

You might check with blue line graphics. I got some tan camo stickers for the kid's 300 and they looked great. Good heavy vinyl, not like the cheap ebay reproduction stickers.

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update: here she sits @ about 98% complete ?. I still got a few things to do, repaint the fuel tank, paint the new oem side cover for the kick starter side to match the rest of the atv. I think it has turned out looking pretty dang good in my book ! :). yes I know she's dusty looking !, but I will wash her down when I am 100% done, and thats a good ways down the road from now.


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