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1988 trx300 jets

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I was cleaning the jets and i relised that one jet still didnt have a passage through it. I tried clearing i up but nothing happend. Heres the picture of the jet, should this jet have a hole through it?
(I had to post a link to the screenshot since im sending this on my phone)
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That link doesn't work for me.. Try clicking 'advanced' on reply then click the paperclip icon to add an attachment.

All jets obviously have a small passage through them, how did you try to clear them? If you have a small set of drills you could try twisting one through by hand and then finish off by using a burning torch file. Alternatively, buy new jets, there cheap.
What condition is the fuel tank in, rusty or clean? Sometimes jets block up with old rust particals and jam solid.
As said above, your best option would be to invest in a carb rebuild kit. It's easier and 100% not going to raise any doubt if you have further issues after reinstalling the carb.

A few worthy mentions from my own past experiences...

Make sure the carb is clean, treat it like a human heart, you want it surgically clean.

Rebuild it on a clean white surface so you can see dirt, grit and such.

Be sure to clean the fuel tank the best you can, fit a new fuel hose and install an inline fuel filter too.

Hope this helps :)
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