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1988 trx300 jets

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I was cleaning the jets and i relised that one jet still didnt have a passage through it. I tried clearing i up but nothing happend. Heres the picture of the jet, should this jet have a hole through it?
(I had to post a link to the screenshot since im sending this on my phone)
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That link doesn't work for me.. Try clicking 'advanced' on reply then click the paperclip icon to add an attachment.

All jets obviously have a small passage through them, how did you try to clear them? If you have a small set of drills you could try twisting one through by hand and then finish off by using a burning torch file. Alternatively, buy new jets, there cheap.
I tried using a staple and a hammer the went on to something different with a point edge but nothing could get through i also blew compressed air through.


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That doesn’t look like something that should not have come out. Or the picture is off.
well its a jet so i unscrewed it off the carb
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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