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1988 Honda Foreman 350

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I’m looking for a little advice from the experts here. I’m going to go take a look at a red 1988 Honda Foreman 350 that is for sale by a private owner today.

There isn’t much known history. Apparently the current owner purchased it some time ago and it wasn’t running. He had the timing chain and the valves replaced by a mechanic along with the rear brake shoes. He told me the valves were replaced because they had a slight indentation in them. It now runs.

What should I look for when I go to see it? I didn’t think that the valves could make contact with anything on this engine? Does that sound plausible?

It appears to be in good shape from the photos I’ve seen and he is asking about $1900 for it. I think that is a little steep as the NADA guide says $1800 in Excellent condition and $1285 in Very Good condition.

Thanks for your help!!!
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Not having a title—lost it? Is he the original owner or did he buy it from someone else? What’s the likelihood you could get a title?

No title, well depends on where you live. Sometimes a bill of sale is enough. You can get a Federal trail pass without a registration, so you can still have fun with it. Does it have a VIN? VIN located on frame above the tag.
Does it clatter or knock when running? Does it shift thru all five gears? Does it do reverse? Does the oil light come on momentarily when you turn on ignition? Does neutral light come on, how bout reverse.
To get the fan to come on you would have to drive it in 2nd gear for about 15 minutes, so I don’t recommend that unless the owner would let you.
A new timing chain job runs about $600.

$1900 is high depending on how it runs. In my area they will sell for $1800 to $2200 in good condition. Keep in mind most parts for this are no longer available thru the dealer.

Check service manual and parts available thru my link below
Are you looking for a good early Fourtrax or are you open to later model Rancher or Foreman?

I have an 86 and a 93 Fourtrax 4x4. I’m tickled pink with both but my hands down fave is the Chili Pepper.

I have 13 work Hondas with the newest an 06 Rancher—it’s a real good outfit.
Oh, what is a Chili Pepper?!!? You lost me on that one.
Oh my daughter calls my 86 the Chili Pepper and the 93 “Sergeant Pickle” cause it looks, like she said, “an Army tractor.” Kids.
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