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1988 Honda Foreman 350

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I’m looking for a little advice from the experts here. I’m going to go take a look at a red 1988 Honda Foreman 350 that is for sale by a private owner today.

There isn’t much known history. Apparently the current owner purchased it some time ago and it wasn’t running. He had the timing chain and the valves replaced by a mechanic along with the rear brake shoes. He told me the valves were replaced because they had a slight indentation in them. It now runs.

What should I look for when I go to see it? I didn’t think that the valves could make contact with anything on this engine? Does that sound plausible?

It appears to be in good shape from the photos I’ve seen and he is asking about $1900 for it. I think that is a little steep as the NADA guide says $1800 in Excellent condition and $1285 in Very Good condition.

Thanks for your help!!!
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Valves can get hit with the piston if it jumps time. If it's fixed it's fixed though, wouldn't be any lasting effects. These machines are pretty tough, just look for the usual stuff, leaks, ripped boots, check the oil, check the diffs if you want, check for play in wheel bearings, rod ends, ball joints??, swingarm bearings etc. Check the air filter, that's usually a decent indicator of how the machine has been treated, look for signs of water/mud getting in the airbox.

Title is a bit sketchy, depends on where the machine is as some states don't require titles on ATV's. Up here everything has to have a title to register it to use on the trails so anything with no title you might as well cut the value in half. You can always check the VIN online, so make sure you know where to look for that, or have the owner provide it for you before going to look at it. There is a few different sites to look up VIN's.
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Sounds like you made the right move.

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