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1987 trx250 electrical issues

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I've acquired a 87 trx250 fourtrax, put a new charged battery in it and have no power when I turn the key. None of the lights come on including the headlight. Any suggestions would be great. Looked over the wiring to make sure I had no broken or cut wires and they all look good......
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Chaeked the fuses up front and one by the battery, they're all good....still not working. I'm stumped, all the wires are good nothing visibly wrong and battery is charged:(
Is there someplace to download the wire schematic or a troubleshooting sheet?
Thanks for all the info, found my issue. My ignition switch was coming apart, pushed it back together and the oil and neutral light come on. Starter button also works, guess my next investment is a new switch ????Thanks again
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