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1987 trx250 electrical issues

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I've acquired a 87 trx250 fourtrax, put a new charged battery in it and have no power when I turn the key. None of the lights come on including the headlight. Any suggestions would be great. Looked over the wiring to make sure I had no broken or cut wires and they all look good......
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Here ya go:
85-87 TRX250 Factory Service Manual

The wiring diagram is in the back. Next thing for you to check is the Ignition switch. You'll need a multimeter to check for continuity between wires in the ignition switch connector plug as the manual shows. You can use a test light rather than a meter, if you are handy with one...

Let us know how it goes if ya can...


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Great, thanks for letting us know!!!

You can still buy those ignition switches new:
35100-HA8-682 SWITCH

May have to search the part number to find a better deal, or find a used one with keys on the fLeebay... don't waste your money on any non-OEM china made parts and you'll be good to go.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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