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1987 trx250 electrical issues

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I've acquired a 87 trx250 fourtrax, put a new charged battery in it and have no power when I turn the key. None of the lights come on including the headlight. Any suggestions would be great. Looked over the wiring to make sure I had no broken or cut wires and they all look good......
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welcome to the forums. time to check all your fuses bro !. there is a fuse up front as well, under the front cover :).
Is there someplace to download the wire schematic or a troubleshooting sheet?
odds are, you missed a fuse ?, or your battery is not grounded ?, ignition switch not getting power in or out ?. a 12 volt test light, start tracing from the battery forward :).
and I am not sure you will find a service manual here or not ?, that's a old girl, and not many around here these days to warrant it, you can check the manual section, and see if its there ? :).
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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