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I might be inheriting a 1987 Honda TRX 125 and runs all completely fine except it needs a new battery. But the rear plastic fenders got fupping annihilated by one of my family members friends who cracked them riding it on the highway and doing wheelies sometime between 1987-2017 and as far as I know the parts that broke off weren't saved or picked up (they might be but I don't recall seeing them). So does anybody know where I could find some rear plastics for an '87 125? I don't need them right away because I don't actually have the thing yet and it would be nice just to know where I could get them, I've already looked it up online and I saw a forum where a guy was selling a 125 for parts but the thread hadn't been active since 2013 and nowhere else on the internet could I find the rear plastics. Any ideas?

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Learn about the ATV to know what panels are called
Partzilla and Rocky Mtn atv have OEM parts IPB/numbers
Some members here salvage these machines
Find local atv salvage yard--let em know how to find you--this may save on shipping
Set up an eebae and paypal account; shop for parts you need

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I've got a real nice set of rear plastics off a atc 110. they are the same as the trx 125 only have 110 badges on the mud flaps.

I can sell it, but it wont come cheap due to size of the package. its gonna cost a lot to ship.
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