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1987 Honda TRX350D

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Hi all,
First post. Just got a 87 TRX350D for free from a guy who was gonna junk it. It hasn't been run for a couple years so wasn't disappointed when it didn't start, no spark. Took the CDI out and threw it in the freezer over night and reinstalled the next day. It started. WOOHOO! I let it run for about 15 min. At first it blew a little smoke but that stopped after a couple min and purred away. As it was running I looked it over and saw it was leaking oil between the head and the cover. Shut it off, then it wouldn't restart. No spark. CDI bad. Ordered a new one. While waiting for parts, took head cover off and no seal. Chain was tight. Checked valve lash before taking cover off and they were all in spec. Put the cover back on and rechecked lash, all good. Installed new CDI and it started right up, but is blowing smoke like crazy. What did I do wrong? It wasn't blowing smoke anywhere near what it's doing now.
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Most likely , my guess , valve stem seals from sitting up
Then why would it be blowing smoke now and not before? I never touched the valves.
In my line of work , I hear similar responses to problem all week long ---- you say " Then why would it be blowing smoke now and not before? " ---- I'd say it has to break sometimes , so why not now ------ my favorite is " it ran till I turned it off at lunch and then it would not start back up , there can't be anything wrong with it " , Dude it don't start , so apparently something is wrong

----I am not saying it is your valve stem seals , it would be the most likely thing from my experiences , the rubber seals get brittle and deteriorate ----- could be your rings as they will get stuck to the piston on a long sleep , especially if the carb overflowed some good corn gas into the cylinder during it's nap -------- have you seen oil consumption on your dip stick - did you do a compression check

if it sat up , the carb could have stuck and over flowed into the cylinder and leaked down into the crankcase , diluting the oil , then the gas evaporates over time and the level on the stick goes back down some , you might have been low to start , it looks ok but the oil is diluted and it starts smoking

maybe the carb is extremely over fueling and your smoking unburned fuel
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gas dripping from the overflow is most likely the carb overflowing , maybe from trash coming from the tank that is recontaminating your carb ---the smoke could be from oil that was in the muffler and needs to burn off , or maybe the rings have not set yet , give that some run time and it might clean up ---- if it were me , when I got it running 1/2 ass good , I would sell it off and get a better model atv , the 350 D and A are not a good riding atvs , the steering sucks , parts are hard to find , and finding someone for help who really knows that bike inside and out just got a lot harder with the crash of this forum
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