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1987 Honda TRX250x No spark

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I think i saw something on here about it may be in reverse and that is why it doesnt spark when i kick it. Well i need some suggestions or pointed in the right direction of how to fix this problem. I appreciate your help and if you need anything from me ask away.
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Are you still with out spark? you can try bypassing the reverse switch and that should tell you if it's bad or not? Just look under the foot brake you will see a gray wire follow tat wire to the other side of the frame to where it plugs up now unplug it an move it out of the way you won't need it. Now get you a piece of wire about 3 inches long strip both ends., now plug the stripped wire into where you unplugged the switch. look in the same area for another gray wire it may be gray w/ black tracer simply plug the other end of your jumper to it and there you go you have just bypassed the reverse switch.

If you do not have spark still I would start checking connections especially the green wires they are the grounds, check where they connect to the frame, remove them clean the frame ect. check ALL Conections for corrosion or broken wires. It takes time but you will have eliminated the harness.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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