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1987 Honda TRX125 Steering Bushing

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Does anybody know where i can find a upper steering shaft bushing for an 87 trx 125? The part has long been discontinued and cant find anyone that has one on their shelf. Is there another year that would fit or a way to make one? Mine just fell apart and the steering shaft is banging around in the bracket.
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When I punch this number 53221-HC3-004 BUSH into e-bay I got a few hits , they are expensive , guess cause it is NOS , like $60 ----was surprised that on the partzilla site there is only one year and model atv that uses that same part number , a 88 200SX , I actually have the entire steering shaft from that 200SX , it should have the bushing on it , don't know the condition
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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