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1987 Honda Trx 250x won't run unless it's pull started.

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I bought a 1987 Honda Trx 250x non running no spark or exhaust. I bought a new coil fixed spark, new exhaust now it won't start if I pull start it with another quad it starts right up in first gear then the second I unhook the chain it dies everytime, makes no sense to me I've pulled the carb clean it, chained oil, new plug, new coil, I was thinking possibly valves so I checked that as well noticed there is a metal piece that goes into the front valve and there is a cable that hooks to it that leads by the kick start is super lose I can pull it right out. Not sure where to go from here
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I would start with a compression test. The decomp cable won't prevent it from starting unless it's too tight. Check your valve lash also .004 intake and exhaust. If they are too tight it will be a hard start.
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