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1987 250x

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I bought my first semi-vintage bike, when I went to test ride the bike he had the idle turnt up pretty high. I test drove it bought it went home, opened my new toy before I got home (as every kid does lol) parked it. Last night I cleaned the carb and diaphragm out. I put the setting ton the carb back to where they was before I tore it does except for the throttle speed. I turnt it down so ots not high revving. I cranked her up, she would idle but not move, so I removed the side cover on the right side of the bike covering the throttle cable and pumped on the diaphragm because when I hit the gas it did not move well. So I got the bike to drive after that, she hesitates when I give it gas but it will slowly get up to speed if I dont hit the gas hard. After the test ride she cut off and wouldnt crank. She was really hot as well, hotter than normal. I pulled the spark plug and it was black. Cleaned it, installed it back and she cranked up. But yet she is running hot still. I know cleaning the plug wont cool it down. So I ordered a carb rebuild kit, that will be here sunday. Is there anything else that I should do to help cool this thing down or maybe is it my fault for inproper carb adjustment? I'm going to adjust the valves today as well and tinker with the carb until the new parts get here
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I think you’re doing all the right things there sofar except maybe the getting hot bit.
Check the service manual to see how the cooling system sposda work—it doesn’t have a cooling fan and likely not an overheat protection system but should have a hot light.

Test the oil temp sensor to see if it works

What carb number is it? QB01A? Does the choke work on the carb? If it sputters when warm then maybe not or pilot screw too far out.

Did you assemble the pilot screw in the right order? Tiny oring on top, tiny washer, tiny spring


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