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1986 TRX350 Front End

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I have a 1986 TRX350 that has a pretty good popping sound when you are turning. I figured it was CV joints so I tore into it last night. It appears that the CV joints are well worn but still intact and functional. What I did notice is that the the differential had both front tires locked together. I got my son to hold one tire while I tried to turn the other. With a great bit of effort I could turn the tire but it did not sound good. Is this a limited slip differential in the front? What do you think the problem could be and a fix for the problem? Another note: While searching for CV joints for this ATV I noticed you can get joints for 87 and up, but I found none for the 86. Will the kits and joints for a 87 work on this model. I want to go ahead and put new joints in the front while I have it apart but I don't know what to do for parts.
I have several ATV's for me and the boys to hunt and play on but I really like this one and want to get it going.
Thanks for any help, and I really enjoy reading and learning from this site.
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Thanks very much for the replys. I got a little time after lunch today and took a closer look at the CV joints. The right side needs replaced or rebuilt.
What are my options other than trying to find used ones. Is there any aftermarket kits or replacement joints out there.
Also, will a complete 87 front assembly bolt up and work. There is one for a 87 on Ebay.
It is everything from the swingarm forward.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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