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1986 TRX250 seat

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My latest purchase was a 1986 trx250, not the racing one so I guess it would be a utility. Anyway, the PO just redid the seat. Looks like new foam and cover. Problem is the cover does not fit properly. Comparing it to my others, all the same style, different years, the seat foam seems to be thicker. Are the racing seats different than mine? I am wondering if he bought a racing foam instead of the utility. I am not able to find the foam for mine on eBay and I am positive that is where he bought it from. He drilled holes in the plastic and sewed the cover in place. It is starting to rip and I would like to fix it before the cover is destroyed. I was wondering if I can pull the foam out and trim the underside where it touches the plastic. Has anyone run into this before?
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Yes you can trim the foam. I've done this many times in the past. An electric carving knife is best for hacking the foam back. You'll never get a neat cut unless you have a huge vertical bandsaw. To tidy up cuts and smooth things over use and orbital sander or belt sander.
I'd definitely staple the seat cover back on afterwards too. Put a few staples all around until it's lined up nicely, work down the front side to side until your past the angle in the seat, then work from the rear of the seat forwards going side to side again.
By side to side I mean, a couple of staples in the right and then a couple in the left and so on.
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