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1986 TRX200SX - Wrecked Quad - What to Check?

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Welp, the damn kids managed to hit a damn tree on my damn quad. Not sure what happened, but there was nothing I could do. They weren't hauling azz, but the kid hit the left front tire on a tree hard enough to turn the quad on its side. Kids are fine, and I got it flipped over really quick. I let it sit a while and she fired right up. Anyway, the left front tire is totally trashed. So bent and wobbly.


I took it off, I took the brake drum off, and i noticed the bearing had 'slipped'. I don't know how else to described it but it was cockeyed in the drum. I re-seated it. The drum now SEEMS to run true. The wheel is still trashed. I cannot really tell if anything else is bent. Is there really anything else to check on these? Nothing is broken, and I don't see any obvious bends. Tie rods are still straight. Is there anything left to do but replace the rims?

Da*****, I JUST got this thing all up and running earlier this year as chronicled here on the forum.
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Not really. The thing with this quad is that the rear wheels on it are not stock. I would like to go ahead and replace the rims as a set with some original rims. Now is as good a time as any. The rims were already bent, so not a huge deal. They would shake the quad when running down the road. Now the one is REALLY wobbly. LOL. I just hope nothing else is damaged.

Do you have any front end parts or rims? I dont mind paying for shipping. Its cheaper than driving there. LOL.
Sweet. Well, See if you have any of the front rims. I know shipping sucks, but the purchase would be with the understanding that the parts are 'as is'. I buy all sorts of things off ebay for this quad. Same thing. I can't expect parts to be perfect or pristine when they are from a quad from 1986. As for the other parts, I wont know if I need those until I get some pretty true rims on it. If new rims that are true don't run straight, then I have to replace the drum/hub too. If that doesnt run straight, then the spindle and so on....

Id love to help you clear out your parts bin, but for the sake of my sanity, let's hope I don't need to go that far. LOL.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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