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1986 TRX200SX - Wrecked Quad - What to Check?

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Welp, the damn kids managed to hit a damn tree on my damn quad. Not sure what happened, but there was nothing I could do. They weren't hauling azz, but the kid hit the left front tire on a tree hard enough to turn the quad on its side. Kids are fine, and I got it flipped over really quick. I let it sit a while and she fired right up. Anyway, the left front tire is totally trashed. So bent and wobbly.


I took it off, I took the brake drum off, and i noticed the bearing had 'slipped'. I don't know how else to described it but it was cockeyed in the drum. I re-seated it. The drum now SEEMS to run true. The wheel is still trashed. I cannot really tell if anything else is bent. Is there really anything else to check on these? Nothing is broken, and I don't see any obvious bends. Tie rods are still straight. Is there anything left to do but replace the rims?

Da*****, I JUST got this thing all up and running earlier this year as chronicled here on the forum.
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Ya its been a while! Bummer, but I'm glad the kids are OK. Same kinda thing happened with one of my neighbors a while back except the youngest fellah fractured his forearm when he hit the ground. Wish ya luck!
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