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1986 trx200sx charging problems???

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ok, so i bought this bike from family, he siad that it ran summer of 2008... but that it had sat, so prob needed carb cleaned...

i bought it cheap, and brought it home, cleaned the carb , it had its hickups and little problems, but it now runs good and im happy with the motor... now the problem....

it has electric start, but i cnat get it to even try to start... the battery was bought in spring of 2008 , but hasnt been charged since then... i checked , and while it is at idle, it is making about 10 volts, at the battery terminals... is this correct?? im assuming the battery is gone, but im not gonna fork out 50 bucks for one if it isnt just the battery... it can pull start... but the lights dont work unless its running, and stuff., so i assume its the battery....

any ideas, or help to tell me if its just the battery??? can i try to jump it off my truck???
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There's also another way you can test the battery to see if it's charging. When it's running at an idle. Take a multimeter put it on DC power. put the test on the postive and negative post. Press of the accelarator. The voltage should go up. Usually batteries should be at about a 12 volt. If it's not when you go to start the bike it's going to kill the battery quick because batteries take 12 volts to start them. Or you could even go get a battery tester. There about 20 bucks, hook it up to your battery, put a load on it and the meter should tell you weather or not it's a good battery, bad, and charging.

Good luck
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