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1986 trx 70 no spark

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No spark on my 86 trx 70 advice or parts anyone?
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Check to see if you have power into the coil.If no power is going into the coil try bypassing the kill switch.
You can test the coil by using an ohm meter.

put the red lead from the meter into the sprak plug cap and test across the wire(s) some have two wires coming out of the back and some have one.

place the black lead on the wire it should read between 14.2-15

test the other wire it should read the same.
or if you only have one wire test the mounting bracket that it bolts to the frame, and the wire.To check for power at the coil hook a test light to the coil supply wire and try to start it.
How many wires are going to the kill switch?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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