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1986 price sheet

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I wish I had a time machine that would transport a 40ft container -------


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I thought about a 20ft container and come back with gold , but you would still have to buy a used atv , I would load up with ATC250Rs , unridden still in a crate they would fetch $25K easy , be worth more than gold
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Those things were actually kinda pricey then if you adjust for inflation.

A 350D would run (inflation adjusted) a little over $7,100 in today's dollars, and that's using the BS numbers the government publishes for inflation, which are completely manipulated to understate actual inflation.

I know you are always on Facebook , did you see some of the prices for a brand new in the vintage popular bike in the crate , I wouldn't doubt you could get the right person to pay $50K for ATC250R or TRX250R --- that's $200 per C.C.
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