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1986 honda fourtrax 300

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Hey, I just got a 1986 honda fourtrax 300. I'm relatively new to this. I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with details for it, mainly like what oil can I use in it, how often to do oil changes etcetera. Any help with proper care tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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I'm just going off the year the guy said, but maybe this helps a little more.
Locate the VIN number and you'll know for sure what year it is. VIN should be located on a horizontal bar behind the front brush guard. If not there, keep looking on all the front parts of the frame. The VIN in 17 digits long.

The 10th digit of the VIN number is a letter and indicates the year it was made.

J - 1988
K - 1989
L - 1990
M - 1991

Also, you can go here to check the VIN number:

Hope this helps you.
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