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1986 Honda Fourtrax 250 Electric Start Won't Work

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I recently bought a 1986 Honda Fourtrax 250. I was told that all the dash electrical components didn't work. The key switch is the only thing that actually works.

I have replaced battery, all fuses, solenoid, good used start/light/kill switch.

I spoke to a mechanic at a Honda dealer. He told me it was either the fuses, starter, or the solenoid.

When you press the start button, it does nothing.

If you use a screw driver to connect the terminals on solenoid, the starter will turn over and will start.

Does anyone have any ideas of where to go from here to fix this issue?
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I had one of these. Coming off the battery the main fuse holder cracked, the fuse was good but wouldn't allow power out the other side. I replaced it with a modern day fuse assembly. With the key on the bike would kick start but the lights were all dead. Hated that bike.
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