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1986 Fourtrax 250 brakes

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New to the site, did some quick looking around and didn't see the answer. Quite possible I missed it. The brakes are shot on a four trax that I was given. I have it running finally, but now I can't stop. So last night I started on the brakes and I can't get the castle bolt off. Is this reverse thread, I thought of this on the way to work this morning, does anyone know what size this is. Went to the local ace, took my crescent wrench set to the size and tried a 1" deep socket to no avail. I am assuming that everything is metric on this atv, but they only had 28 mm and 30 mm. I am thinking that it may be 29mm, but I may be wrong. Also I can't get the thing to go in reverse, I push down the selector knob but it doesn't feel like anything is happening. Could this be because my handle brake feels like mush?
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My 86 350 was 22mm, if I recall correctly. It is not reverse thread.
I know its a least an inch... Thanks though
I'll look when I get home at what size socket I purchased for it, but it's either 22, or it might be 23-24mm.

I used a caliper to find the size and then bought the socket.
Here's a thread from last fall where I talk about replacing my shaft, and I listed the size as 22mm.

I'll check for sure when I get home. If yours is bigger than that, well, I guess I could be, but I wouldn't think it would be.
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