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1986 350 4x4 Fourtrax front Drive shaft u joint

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Hey everyone ...New to the forum
Was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction to the part number or measurements of the front u joint of my driveshaft . I realize 86 is 86 and no other shafts will work as a direct replacement but I am sure with some digging or small mods I could find a replacement u joint and press it in the yoke myself ....any help is better than no help
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Well It doesn't need to be modified just rebuilt. The u joints deff were not just made for Honda, they are mass produced and sold as universal application ...kinda like bearings ...all of the bearings races and cups are available if you know what your after . Honda doesn't list the part number because they want you to buy the shaft assembly. Ford and the rest don't list their u joint part either , they want you to buy their drive axles too ...but the u joints are used everywhere in the world for other applications . I have new shafts never used , but Im keeping them and rebuilding the old ones before I use these beauties
Just thought someone on here may actually know or have experienced this situation. The old ones were replaced in the 90s by my uncle and they were bought at a ag store so..... as explained in the first part of my post I know they are discontinued ,I have a manual. same one everyone else has . I know partzilla has nothing for my quad except the same old coils and seals lol ...they should really just take the parts off there and just leave the diagram's ...Im sure someone will know In here somewhere
Thank you Manny ....deff the kind of answer I wanted ...All the answers I have got are great ...and thanks guys ...its funny how everyone has the same answer of find a shaft, part number bla bla bla ...Everyone has that information ....practical thinking is much more productive , will get you rolling and save you money ! These are rare quads and if you have some basic mechanical knowledge it helps a million , they are very simple , diffs are simple old tech , motors simple , electrical is as basic as any Honda of that era , all very easily maintained and repaired not much you cant do with a few hours an manual and some spares
I will update as soon as the snow flys .....My kids are enjoying the tank at the moment :rolleyes:
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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