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1985 TRX250 utility rear hubs ???

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I did use the search option and didnt find what I was looking for. What I would like to know if anyone knows would the rear hubs from another model work on my ATV I picked it up with a winch and plow for $300 there where some probs but I fixed them now im looking to replace some of the warn out parts. The rear axel is in good sape but the hubs are getting worn out and some of the studs are missing any help would be great Thanks Ron B.
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Yeah i've been scaning Ebay but ppl want an arm and a leg for used parts thats why I was wondering if parts from other models would work Thanks
Yeah I bought it from a friend That has owned it sence 91 and he bought it from a family that onwed from new my friend beat on it and didnt take great care of it. im sure oil wasn't changed when it was sapose to be or greased when needed BUT it runs mint just needed a carb cleaning and some of the wiring needed repair but other then that its all stock I did put a air compressor on it from an air horn system with the air conection in the back and I keep a tire plug kit in the cargo area
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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