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1985 TRX 250 High Idle

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Hey all,
My 1985 TRX250 has been idling very high lately. When I got it a few months ago (summer time) it only idled sort of high on initial start-up after it hadn't ran in a few weeks. Now its been idling pretty loudly and pretty high on all start ups and while in neutral. The idle will drop a little bit when its sitting and warming up, but not much. Sometimes I let it run for 5-10 minutes and the idle still seems pretty high to me. I haven't tried to adjust the idle because when I get into gear, it will idle down to its old (normal) idle. Is it just because it's sitting in the cold garage now that winter has arrived or do I need to fix something? Also, it jolts into gear very hard when it's idling high.
Note: I have no way of actually reading idle except with my ears and what I was used to hearing.
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High idle would usually indicate an air leak to the carb.
I would advise you to check the rubber boot from head to carb for cracks etc, also check the diaphragm in the top of the carb, these do perish and crack in time.

If those appear to be in good condition and not causing an issue my next step would be to clean the carb and fuel tank thoroughly and to add an inline fuel filter at the same time.

Jumping into gear...

I wouldn't be to concerned about that until you have sorted the high idle issue. The high idle will cause the 'jump' into gears.
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