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1985 TRX 250 High Idle

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Hey all,
My 1985 TRX250 has been idling very high lately. When I got it a few months ago (summer time) it only idled sort of high on initial start-up after it hadn't ran in a few weeks. Now its been idling pretty loudly and pretty high on all start ups and while in neutral. The idle will drop a little bit when its sitting and warming up, but not much. Sometimes I let it run for 5-10 minutes and the idle still seems pretty high to me. I haven't tried to adjust the idle because when I get into gear, it will idle down to its old (normal) idle. Is it just because it's sitting in the cold garage now that winter has arrived or do I need to fix something? Also, it jolts into gear very hard when it's idling high.
Note: I have no way of actually reading idle except with my ears and what I was used to hearing.
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check the choke cable !!. make sure its shutting the enrichment valve all the way off.
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