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1985 trx 250 carb

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need new carb for trx250 1985 trying to find aftermarket carb that will fit any ideas?
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That’s pretty common for the pilot jet on those to break off.
Is that a Keihin QA04A? The parts listing only shows part number 16100-HA8-023 and 16100-HA8-033.
anyway, you should be able to find them on fleabay for about $80 to $125 but look carefully at the model number in your service manual some sellers will only know that they took “this carb” off of an 86 250. And make sure their jets aren’t also broken off
Here’s one with that honda part number but as you can see the seller has unintentionally covered up the model number

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Bump for @petermc
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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