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1985 trx 250 carb

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need new carb for trx250 1985 trying to find aftermarket carb that will fit any ideas?
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i still think, dont buy china.. maybe, rebuild, a used carb. that is OEM. others will talk soon..
i am interested if there is a way, to get needle out, or how a needle got broke..
i might learn something.
if its the air/fuel mixture jet needle he's talking about ?, nope..never..not gonna happen !. once the tip breaks off in the carb body ?, that carb is trash..paper weight from then on, it can not be way at all !.
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then maybe get a used OEM carb, an rebuild it?
deff go with an old oem carb, rebuild it, stay away from china knock-off carbs at all cost !.
Got needle out rebuilt carb started right up
good to read !, avoid china knock-off carbs at all cost !.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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