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1985 Honda Fourtrax Maintenance

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Hi guys,

I recently found a mint 1986 Honda Fourtrax on craiglist, this thing had been sitting in a barn with a tarp over it for years, dusted it down and it was like it had just come out of the shop, the old guy that was selling it bought it then just never rode it, I had him guess how many hours he had rode it since new, and he had a guess at maybe under 10hrs!
Anyway I bought it took it home, changed the plug, emptied the last bit of old gas, put in new gas and some carb cleaner, changed the battery, and it fired right up.
This has obviously been sitting a long while so I want to do some maintenance on it before I let my kids loose, ok, so for a old ATV I can find little information on it :
Anyone got a service manual or repair manual that will tell me what fluids I should change and what fluids are recommended also oil filter..
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Congrats on the great find and welcome to the forums.
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