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You say you could bend the spotlight cable and it would work ok sometimes and it eventually quit. You got another light BULB and installed in the spotlight housing and it still won't work.
Appears you have a bad intermittent spotlight cable. This is common problem if it's the coiled type cable.

couple thoughts:
You might consider going to Wal-Mart or equal and getting a electrical tester, Digital multimeter (DMM) or Volt Ohmmeter (VOM) analog type and do some testing.
The electrical tester will cost you about $20. (at Wal-Mart)
Do not go to Harbor Freight for the cheapo $5 electrical tester, it even lies to you and is not safe. (not safe for the operator)

You might connect a test light bulb to the 12v source at the same pos and neg points that the spotlight connects and see if the test light will work ok.

Something like this $4 6/12v tester is handy sometimes.
ebay item 172101625474

also available from most any automotive store or maybe wal mart.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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