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Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster. I've got a 1985 Honda Big Red ATC250ES 3-wheeler for sale. I purchased this bike from a man who used it to putt around his farm. He purchased it from the original owner about 5 years ago. The bike is in overall poor condition, but it does run and seems to run well. I am going to attempt to sell it here first, but if it doesn't sell, I will part it out. If you're interested in any parts, just let me know.

The bike has dents, cracks or chips on all of the plastics except for the trunk/tool box. Those are both faded but in decent shape overall. The frame appears to be in good shape and the carb seems to work fine as well. Engine seems as though it has great compression and runs without any knocks or pings. Shifts great. The starter has been removed as it was completely dead. Kick start works fine. The brake handles/cables appear to be stuck somehow. The foot brake works great, but the handle brakes do not appear to function for some unknown reason. The headlight assembly works and all of the switches seem to work great as well. The tires are all shot and the front axle is missing a bearing. The differential seems to work fine. Tail lights are in tact.

I purchased the bike with the intention of restoring it, but I quite honestly don't have the money to do so right now. Fully restored, my research seems to indicate that these bikes sell for over $2,500. In parts, the bike appears to be worth around $1,200. I'm just asking for $800 obo for the entire bike as-is. I don't have any photos at the moment - the bike is at our new house, which is several cities away. But I did take some videos of the bike once I got it running, and I will post those below. If you have any questions, requests or are interested in parts from the bike, just let me know. If it doesn't sell or show any real interest in about 7 days, I will move this post to the "parts for sale" section and begin disassembly.

I am located in Canton, MS 39046. The bike must be picked up, or shipping arrangements must be made. I don't have a way to bring the bike to you or haul it from its current location.

Edit: sorry for the lack of audio in the videos. I didn't realize that Imgur didn't allow sound. If you'd like videos with sound, just message me and I'll send them to you directly.

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