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Hello all, first time posting here. This might take a while to explain...

Anyway, my TRX was making some major-bad sounds inside the engine, especially when first starting it. Since we had absolutely no idea what the insides of these things look like, or how they operate, we weren't sure exactly what it was.

So we started tearing it apart.

For some reason, we decided to start on the right side, which we later found to be the wrong side for our initial problem. Got all the way to the clutch and removed the clutch outer and centrifugal. We also pulled out the gearshift spindle (I think this caused my current problem). Couldn't see anything wrong on this side so we moved to the other side.

Got the other side torn down all the way to the cam chain and found the problem, both chain gears had become really badly worn and the chain was so loose that it had rubbed a groove right through the cylinder jug. Replaced the cylinder jug, piston, cam chain gears, intake and exhaust valves, several gaskets and got the entire engine put back together and even got it timed correctly.

We put on the exhaust pipe, carb, and gas tank and decided to fire her up. I was extremely surprised that it started almost instantly, and ran very smoothly.

So we decided to put it in 1st gear, oh and by the way, it is sitting up on a pneumatic jack, so it's off the ground... got it in 1st and gave it a little throttle and heard a loud CLINK in either the transmission or on the clutch side and the engine died. Started it back up in Neutral, started just fine, shifted into 1st gear and it seemed to run in first alright...

But it won't shift to 2nd gear. It will work in first gear, both low and high, and it will shift into reverse and reverse works fine as well. It just won't go past first gear.

What do I do next?

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Welcome to the forums. It's been years since I've worked on a Fourtrax 200 and I can't remember how it's set up, but if it's set up like the Fourtrax 300, then you may have gotten the clutch lever out of time. Do you remember seeing anything that looks like the clutch lever in the picture below. It has a punch mark on it that lines up with the mark on the crankcase. The picture is of a Fourtrax 300, so it could be different. If it has this, then make sure the marks line up. If that's not the problem, then it could be the linkage that turns the shift drum.

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