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I wanted to do a top end on my '84 200s. When researching the stock bore on forums, some say 63.5mm and some say 65.5mm. I measured my cylinder and piston and they are in fact ~63.5mm, however, when looking for replacement rings most companies refer to the standard bore size as 65.5mm. I believe the engine to be the original motor for the bike but I was curious about the discrepancy and was hoping for some clarification.

I've remeasured the bore multiple times and am sure its 63. Is there some difference in early or late model '84 bikes? Or possibly are the correct rings 65 even though the cylinder measures smaller? I believe that to be an incorrect assumption, but I'm hesitant to buy a 65.5mm rebuild kit with confidence and I've struggled to find a 63.5 mm size ring set.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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