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1984 200es wont start

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Hi i got a 1984 200es i havent drove it for awhile i may have let it sit for about 2 weeks or longer it started up fine before i put it in the shed but on last thursday i went out to start it up to get everything moving around and it didnt want to start it will roll over and sometimes it will.start but lately it just floods it self fast and just keeps rolling over i did keep switching the spark plug i just bought a knew one and it started up so i thought maybe it was that but last night i went out to start it and it just rolls over and floods it self like it was does anyone have any idea whats going on
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how old is the fuel in it? that too can be a problem if its a machine that sits often and takes a long time ti use up fuel(Ethanol fuel can go bad in a weeks, NOT months) if you use ethanol fuel and it does sit often, you really should be treating the fuel

also check your air filter too, this time of yr, mice like to fill them with winter food and can cause air issue's(same can be said with exhausts)
and a good carb cleaning sounds like you need as well!
well a yr with no carb cleaning doesn't mean carb is good, all it takes is a little dirt in the tank to get sucked into it, and can come from many ways, from dirt in the fuel stations tank and you got it that way, to dust, to, all sorts of ways
its a 33 yr old machine, so over that time frame if tank was never removed and cleaned out, there could be lots of crap in the tank and can dirty a carb that way too, fuel line age and that could also suck in a part of a old fuel line to plug up a jet
if your sure carb is GOOD< maybe your CDI is bad, they all go bad sooner or later?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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