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Hey ya'll, I'm new to these sort of threads so I apologize if I sound like a newbie to some things. I have a 1983 Honda ATC 200S that I'm currently trying to rebuild and as stated on the cylinder jug, it says 192CM but when I look online such as ebay or amazon, they offer only 196CM and bore of 65mm. Inside my motor is a stock HONDA piston that looks really clean but I would like to refresh the motor with a new cylinder jug and piston rings although my question is would that kit actually fit? Online it says stock bore is supposed to be 65mm but being that it says 162cm on the side of my jug, wouldn't that mean its a 63mm bore I'd need? This also brings up another question of if stock is supposed to be 65mm bore than could I order a Wiseco piston and shove it into a amazon 163.5 bore jug with no problem? I also saw that 250 cyl jugs fit onto a 200 bottom end no problem besides the piston being slightly bigger and needing a block off plate near the timing chain area as the difference. I'm a little confused here and would love for some help on the topic :) Thank you for you're time whomever this may concern!
Pictures below is my stock Cylinder jug on what it says.

Wood Gas Bumper Metal Auto part
Rectangle Wood Bumper Gas Brick
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